February, Month of Love?

Hi there,

I’m back again, to share new thoughts about what happen in my life today. Okay, let’s begin.

Today is 14th February 2011, and perhaps everyone knows that it’s Valentine’s Day. A day that most of the people celebrate with their loved ones, the girls get flowers and chocolate from their boyfriends, including me. Well, actually today is my first time receiving a bouquet  of flower from my boyfriend. I thought he’s so not romantic because last year, I didn’t get anything and we just went to the cinema to watch Valentine’s Day (that’s the movie title).

And this year he really surprises me with this special delivery (which is its flowers) 😀 kinda like it actually, but bit embarrassed because near my office cubicle, none of the girls receive any flowers except me. And the boys like to tease me bout this flower thing.

Anyway, that flower story thing just one situation on the evening, while actually in the morning I keep murmuring on how I won’t celebrate valentine’s day, and how’s this morning weather so rainy so that I won’t be able to return the  McDonald Doorprize ticket back to McDonald at Sarinah Building, because hoping to win Ipad.

But, suddenly everything turn out to be a wonderful day. At Mid day, the rain stops so that I can go to the McD store to return the ticket for goodie bag (already hopeless for the doorprize ticket) but when I pass over the ticket, the woman there says that the Doorprize will be announced in 15 minutes and I still can hand over the doorprize ticket. And I receive the goodie bag and went upstairs to buy a cup of cafe latte in McCafe.

After that I wait a while to hear the DoorPrize winner announcement, starting from Ipod Shuffle as the price, then Digital Camera. When they announce the Digital Camera winner I can’t believe that I hear my number being announce. And I feel my hands are shaking :p even when I told my boyfriend n friend through BBM – Blackberry messenger, I can see it’s shaking :D. But there’s one problem, I forgot to bring my purse, so there’s no ID that I use to pick up the doorprize.

So, I went back to my office (luckily my office really near to Sarinah building) to put the goodie bag and bring my purse and went straight back to Sarinah. And I still no idea where to pick that prize after all. Finally I ask the official and he said that I must go to that white tent to pick the price. In that tent I hand over my ID Card and the Coupon then I was asked to take picture with the prize. Then I went back to the office in rainy weather. Well I bring my umbrella, but my trousers so wet (in the leg side) but I think it’s worth it.

Back to Yesterday I spend half an hour waiting for the counter to open, so I can pick up the Doorprize ticket and Goodie bag ticket. And I feel worth it when I can win something.

Well, so happy for today, not only its valentine’s day that I receive any Doorprize, but also I receive the flower from my loved one, and I felt really blessed bout life.

If it’s meant to be yours, It will be. So just going where the wind blows, never give up on hope, because you’ll never know what would happen next. What life has brought is really beautiful, all the people around you, all the moments that happening around you is really precious.

So, enjoy it, appreciate it, be thankful for everything and don’t regret anything. Because I once heard : Worry doesn’t remove the sorry of tomorrow, It removes the strength of today. If you already lose your strength how can you survive your day/your life 😀

Special thanks to my ‘Panda’ I hope you won’t stop care about me. love you dear 😀

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