Mother (in English) – Madre (in Italian) –Moeder (in Dutch) – Mutter (in Germany) – Mater (in Latin) – Mor (in Norwegian) – Ibu (in Indonesian)

Finally, I started my own new blog. Let’s begin with the word “Mother”, because  it’s been bothering me in few days about this topic. Well, actually since I was sick in few days back then, so I got to stay at home and doing nothing but browsing and resting. Too much sleep will kill you? Haha, I don’t have the answer for that. But being at home in sick condition really not a good option to escape from office works for me.

Why I got this idea? I think it’s because, when Me or My Brother get sick, I can see how my mother so worried about us. How her nature instinct react, to protect her children, to take care of her children, try to do any possible ways to cure her children. She can’t bear to see the pain that her children struggling with. I bet she rather switch place if she can so her children won’t suffer anymore pain.

Lots of questions across my mind such as, what have I done to make my Mom happy? Is she proud of me? Is she glad to have a  daughter like me? Will she ever get tired being my mom? Well, I guess I can’t answer that, My mom sure can answer that. But I think I don’t have enough courage to ask her about that.

Remembering back then when I was a child, my mom used to get things done about my school schedule, preparing my meal, remembering to bring all those books and equipments, patiently teaching me to memorize school subject when it’s time for final test. And she still able to help my dad at the shop. Wow, she can multitasking and she’s a hard worker too.

But there were times when you’re a teenager, when you feel rebellious. Didn’t want to hear any suggestion from her. You have your own world, youth world that you think so very different perspective from your parents. And you becoming naughty, didn’t obey rules, fight with your brothers and parents.  In time, you’ll realized that what your parents have told you becoming reality, and you feel sorry and stupid because of that.

Well, regrets always come later. But parents always forgive you, believe you, never gave up on you. Will you ever think that what you have said and done ever hurt your parent’s heart, specially your mom. When I was a teenager I guess I never thought that. Times can change the way you think, specially with so many people who ever come and go into your life.

In my teenager time, I remember this song title “Mama” from Spice Girls. And I still memorize its lyrics. “Back then I didn’t know why, Why you were misunderstood, So now I see through your eyes, All that you did was love” Yes, now I know why at that time my mom become so irritating to me. Because all that she did was Love. She didn’t want me to lost track, to destroy my own future, but to guide me back to the right path. Thank you mom for pulling me back to the right track.

Now, lately I’ve been thinking how to stay on the right track if there’s no mom? I can’t image that, I’ll be so lost n so confused. And it made me realized that, with this little time, I must try to make my mom happy, to make her proud of me, to repay back all what she has done for me, what she has sacrifice for me few years back then. Love you mom, and sorry for all what I’ve done to make you sad and hurt. I really didn’t mean that.

At the end, we must treasure each and every moment of our time to be with our loved ones, and live our life to the fullest, because we only live once, right? Hope you guys enjoy the reading.

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